Education Programs

Lexis Dei has currently 3 major fields of engagement: 1. Children Language Education; 2. Sermon Translation & Interpretation; 3. The Study of the Biblical Language. This section will explain these areas more to the interested visitor.

Besides engaging in different activities Lexis Dei also maintains a growing international network. Following the mission strategy of Apostle Paul it concentrates on the biggest cities of the earth. This strategy brings Lexis Dei a number of advantages in its unique role in missions. Metropolitan Cities are a the linguistically most diverse places in the world. The relatively greatest number of bilingual men live there, but also the relatively greatest number of verbally isolated people. Great cities are a salad bowl and melting pot together and have as we believe a great potential for the promise of God.

Children Education

Another highly beneficial service to especially missionary families but also to congregations in multi-ethnic urban settings are the child education programs, which Lexis Dei develops through its members. Children learn about 80% of their verbal skills in the first 2 years of their life. So insightful guidance and sometimes challenges are very important. Even more this becomes crucial for bilingual and trilingual families. Lexis Dei is committed to researching, developing and improving leading bi-and trilingual training programs especially for missionary families in the field.

Sermon Translation and Interpretation

As a service to the local and worldwide church Lexis Dei commits to raising an continuously educating translators and interpreters for service in missions and church. Whether interpreting for an evangelist in a monumental stage setting, a local pastor in front of his increasingly multi-ethnic congregation or translating sermons for archiving purpose Lexis Dei strives to support and guide its members in excelling in their calling to help the church cross language barriers easily.

Study of Biblical Language

The prime ministry of Lexis Dei is the study of biblical language. This can include the study of Hebrew, Greek and other ancient or foreign languages. But more than this the objective is to understand and be able to apply the findings in missions. Jesus and Paul used very different words to explain for example the “Love of God”. Where Jesus used pictorial language Paul explained in more direct and abstract word. Of course both were speaking a different context, but they had in common to explain the Word of God with their words in a way that the listeners could connect to the word in a way, that allowed the Holy Spirit to work and change their lives drastically. Lexis Dei studies from the example given to us in the Bible seeking to make all findings available to mission workers in other Christian ministries.