Code of Ethics

Lexis Dei and its members adhere to the Code of Ethics of the International Christian Interpreters Association (ICIA).

Accurate translation:
The interpreter will to the best of his ability, give an accurate translation of the message. The interpreter will convey the intent and the spirit of the message. The interpreter will not consider his own opinion while engaged in an interpreting assignment.

The interpreter will prepare himself for each interpreting assignment. He will obtain information regarding the message to preview if possible. The interpreter will pray that the proper interpretation will be given, for God's leading, and for the Holy Spirit to have free course.

Interpreter must hold the highest of standards in his representation of the ministry and of the Lord Jesus Christ. This would not only apply in the work place but also in daily affairs. The interpreter shall be prompt for all assignments and expected to remain engaged until released by the one who commissioned him. The interpreter will be neatly groomed and have proper attire for the interpreting assignment.

If the interpreter has a different opinion of the message being preached, he will discuss it before or after the presentation. He shall respect the opinions of the one who has engaged him at all times during the messages. There should be communication between the interpreter and the one who has commissioned him as to what part or role he is to play in the interpreting assignment. If the interpreter feels that he is not competent enough for the interpreting assignment requested, he is to convey that to the one who has commissioned him at the earliest possible moment.

Continuing Education:
The interpreter will continue to improve his interpreting skills by: personal study, attending church services, Bible conferences, seminars and whatever opportunity that may be available to him. The interpreter will be a daily student of the Bible and become intimately familiar with the main themes of the Bible.

Confidentiality: In interpreting any private setting, such as a counseling session or upon request, the interpreter will keep the information that was interpreted and the assignment strictly confidential.