What is Lexis Dei?

Lexis Dei is an evangelical, Christian language fellowship. Its members have a deep interest in discovering the precious tool God gave us to communicate: our tongue. Language in all its forms is the primary field of interest of Lexis Dei. But this interest is not only theoretical and descriptive in nature. It aims at discovering how God uses language and means for us to use it.

Numerous examples show that man needs to communicate deeply in order to live a fulfilled and healthy life. Through speaking with each other we share with each other and even though both sides are giving they also receive so much more than they give. How important this is for us and hour health we often only just realize when we lost it already. And especially in our time more and more diseases come up, which are caused by a broken line of communication on one or another level.

Even though Lexis Dei is operating already in a number of fields serving sometimes the individual seeker, sometimes the Christian community, it acknowledges, that all of its activities will mostly likely change over time as our understanding of the way God communicates and wants us to communicate grows.